Remember the Life Wheel a couple of weeks ago? If not, go back two posts ago and have a read – Here’s the link just in case

So, did you look at your Life Wheel? Did you score your satisfaction in all areas of life, notice areas of imbalance and gain some clarity and direction on your road to true happiness? If not, I suggest you try, it’s such an easy and valuable tool and it’s really helped me along my way.
Here’s the template one more time

If so, then great! Let’s go the extra mile and look over some questions you can ask yourself after you’ve scored your Wheel of Life. These questions are designed to help you set goals and achieve them by giving you a clear vision and road map to your ultimate life – the one that you deserve.

So, jot down these questions near your life wheel and answer them – obvs! – and don’t forget be specific! The more specific = the more clarity= the more success!

  1. What are the areas in your life wheel that are obviously interconnected preventing you from having 100% satisfaction/happiness?
  2. What would happen if you worked on these areas as part of a goal or a series of tasks? How would that change your life?
  3. What small activities or tasks could you do in the next couple of weeks to increase these parts of your life wheel? List 5 and commit to doing them. How would this impact your life wheel?
  4. Look at 3 of your lowest scores. For each, write down 3 obstacles you face in this area.
  5. Write down how you’re going to navigate and overcome these obstacles through actions.
  6. Write down 3 specific tasks for each area that you are going to work on.
  7. What is the one goal that will strategically get you the most?

Go on, answer these and go get the life you deserve – the one you’ve always dreamed of! And don’t be afraid to shout out to me if you need an extra push. Your ideal life and ultimate happiness is waiting for you.

Let’s go!