Ok, so you may have heard about people starting to fast more and more here in the western world and think those that do are a little crazy to let themselves feel hungry and ‘deprived’ of food for a certain amount of time when it’s so readily available to us nowadays.

But the thing is, that’s just the problem! You see, our bodies are designed to be in fasted states. As hunter/gatherers for the majority of our existence here on earth, it’s only a spec of sand on the human time scale that we had access to copious amounts of food all day long, without having to work (exercise) for it. This of course, is in the first wold but cultures all over the world still deliberately fast due to it’s many health benefits. I’ll get into that later, but today I want to explain how it works for weight loss.

Basically (without getting too scientific on you), our bodies use glucose (that comes from the food we eat) as our quickest energy fuel source. SO, if we keep eating and don’t allow our body to go into a fasted state, it will never get the chance to go into our fat storages and burn our fat for energy! It will always choose glucose- the food we eat- first and unless you’re exercising and putting more energy out than you are in, your bod will never get the chance to burn that excess fat you want gone.

So, my suggested way to fast is intermittent fasting. This is about a 14-16 hour fast each day. It’s the easiest for me and I’m not overly pedantic about the exact amount of hours, it really depends on my day so don’t stress! You could even start with 12-13 hours and work you’re way up from there.

Simply have dinner a few hours before you sleep ( you’ll naturally fast for about 8 hours
while you sleep) and have ‘break-fast’ a few hours after you wake up.
Sounds pretty simple like this huh? The good news is, it is once your mind and body get over the thought and feeling of not satisfying that hunger in the morning straight away and trust me it gets so much easier until you don’t even think about it. You’ll feel incredible for it actually!!
And don’t think you are allll on your own in the mornings, I still have my teas and coffees, its just food and sugar you want to avoid while you’re fasting!

Want to give this a try for a couple of weeks and see if you notice the extra pounds shedding off you and all the other health benefits that comes with it?!

Give me a message if you have any other questions, I’m here with you every step!