I hope you’ve had a happy and healthy week! I know for a lot of us summer is coming and we’re thinking about that beach bod again. So, this week I’ve laid down 5 weight loss tips you might not have heard before! Here we go…

  1. Swap coffee for tea – Studies show that caffeine interacts with the body’s hormones to increase the rate at which calories are burned and that tea (especially green tea) is more beneficial sources of caffeine.
  2. Go nuts! – Eating some nuts and seeds instead of a high fat snack can doubly boost weight loss by increasing your intake of leucine – found in nuts and seeds, soya and whey – which reduces fat during weight loss.
  3. Get bready – Help the bod reduce fat and convert carbs to energy by eating wholewheat bread, brown rice, wheatgerm and peanuts- these all contain high amounts of thiamine (vit B1) which helps the bod do just that!
  4. Chromium could help – Chromium helps with sugar cravings and suppressing appetite, though these days with the depleted natural soil reserves our crops are grown in, most don’t get enough of it, so a supplement might help.
  5. Stay hydrated! – Dehydration can slow down your metabolism as it puts the bod into starvation mode and holds onto the fat cells containing high amounts of fluids. So drink up to keep your metabolism high!

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Summer is coming and I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to live in a bikini again! 😉

Have a great week!