For most of us summer is just about to start YAY! And for some of us that means jet setting overseas or travelling in your home country for the holidays.
So in preparation, I’ve prepared a list of tips that could help you in your travels.

  1. Drink water, not alcohol to fight jetlag – When flying, I know it’s easy to take advantage of the free booze on board or have a celebratory drink in honour of your vacation ahead, but know this: Jetlag is made much worse by dehydration, caffeine and alcohol. All of these put stress on your bod and increases fatigue. Plus, the booze they serve is never really high quality (I don’t think I’ve had a wine I actually liked up there!) and you’ll be cutting down on all that disposable plastic cup waste too 😉
  2. Move to avoid motion sickness – If you’re on a ship or a plane, move to the centre where it’s more stable. On a ship, go to the top deck and look out at the water to put your eyes and inner ear in sync.
  3. Ginger for travel sickness – This traditional herbal remedy now comes in all forms to treat nausea and travel sickness. You can grab it in pill form, chewable ginger root or as sweets. Either way you have it, if you’re prone to motion sickness, I’d have some ginger on standby.
  4. Plan out time-zone problems – Save important activities for when you have the most energy. This is usually in the morning after flying west and in the evening after flying east, so keep this in mind when you’re planning your days.
  5. Gradually adjust your sleep schedule – If we’re crossing more than two time-zones, we often forget to prepare our circadian rhythm for the shock. This messes up our sleep cycles, bowel movements, appetite, affects our moods and overall energy levels. Jetlag can basically make us feel like absolute crap! So, to avoid this try going to bed one hour earlier, if you’re travelling east, a few days before you leave OR if you’re flying west, go to bed one hour later for several nights and feel the difference on the other side!

Don’t forget to take your own drink bottle on the flight and get it filled up on board. This again, cuts the plastic use on board and those plastic drink bottles they hand out are tiny!! You’d need loads of them to stay hydrated! Even better if you have a filtered water bottle you can use in countries where you should be weary of the water. Let’s cut down on plastic wherever we are! 😀

Righto, safe travels and happy and healthy holidays for the next one!