Love to listen? I loooove a podcast or an audio book – it makes for an interesting commute and makes washing the dishes and doing mundane housework somewhat enjoyable. I love to learn and frankly just don’t have the time to sit and read as much as I’d like (even though I do usually always have a hard book on the go for bed reads) and if I can kill two birds with one stone by doing the necessities AND learning something, then that’s a win for me.

With podcasts blowing up, there are so many incredible humans dishing out loads of free and valuable information on all sorts of topics. Poddies (my Australian ‘abbreviation’ for podcasts – hardly an abbreviation as its still two syllables but fun to say nonetheless) have become one of my fav sources of information and entertainment so I thought I’d share my top 5 with you this week.
So here they are in no particular order…

  • The School of Greatness – Lewis Howes, successful himself, venerable, humble and curious, interviews some of the most brilliant minds in business, world class athletes and the most influential celebs on the planet to find out what makes great people great.
  • The Mindset Mentor – Rob Dial gives hard hitting, no BS, ‘get off your butt and go be your best self’ inspo. Short 10-20 minute episodes on self-help, personal growth and mindset mastery inspiring you to live a life of passion and purpose.
  • Deliciously Ella – Hosts Ella and Matthew Mills conduct open and honest conversations with experts around mental and physical health, diving into everything from gut health to anxiety, happiness, diet, exercise, stress, veganism, skin care, the environment, making sustainable changes, plus so much more goodness!
    RISE Together Podcast – Rachel and Dave Hollis – also business partners – give not only great relationship advice in a relatable and funny way, but talk about health, careers and will inspire you to be the best version of yourself, so you can show up for others in the best way possible. Check out super woman, Rachel Hollis’ self-help and business podcast RISE as well, it’s another goodie full of powerhouses.
  • HPX podcast – Brendon Burchard and his wife Denise bring you the high performance experience (HPX) with a curation of the greatest personal development podcasters. Kindly sharing full episodes of other great podcasts to help you live an extraordinary life. Also check out Brendon Burchard’s main poddy The Brendon Burchard show as he’s a leader in his field and HPX episodes are limited!

Whether you use Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, websites, whatever platform you use, make sure to jump on these poddies if you’re not already acquainted with them!

Would love to know what you think and would also love to hear your own top picks! I love finding new ones so send any recommendations my way 😉

Have an informative, inspiring and blessed week.