I hope you’re enjoying some time off and having happy holidays!

It’s that time of the year where we reflect on the year that just passed, we begin to think about the year ahead and start setting goals and New Year resolutions.

Last year, on New Year’s Eve, a person I had only just met asked me a question that impacted my entire year ahead. They asked me “What’s your ‘word’ for 2018?” I had never been asked this question before and I had to think about it before I answered, but I got back to them with the word “Build”. And so it goes, that’s’ exactly what I did. I built my business, new friendships and connections and a little fur family with my partner.
So because this question was so profound to me and ended up being great motivation for my goals this year, I want to ask you the same question…
What is your ‘word’ for 2019? You can write it somewhere or simply just make a mental note of it.

Next, I want to go through some SMART goal setting techniques. I think it’s important to set clear goals in order to succeed.

S.M.A.R.T goal setting:

  1. Specific – Be specific! There’s a difference between saying “I want to lose 5kgs” and “I am going to lose 1kg a month for 5 months by changing lifestyle habits, regulating an exercise routine and sustainable eating habits so I can maintain a healthy body weight.” You might want to specify and ask yourself what specifically do I want to achieve? How? When? Where? With who? Are there limitations or conditions? Are there alternative ways of reaching this?
  2. Measurable – Break it down into measurable elements. Track your progress to stay motivated and excited about achieving your goals. Ask questions like ‘how much? How many? How will I know when I’ve reached my goal? What will l see, hear and feel?’
  3. Achievable – You need to weigh up things like time, effort, costs, obligations and priorities in your life. Is it really realistic and attainable for you? Do you really have the time, money, talent, resources to reach this goal? I don’t want to be a Debbie downer and say that what seems impossible can’t happen. It can! If you plan ‘smartly’, that is.
  4. Relevant – Is your goal really relevant to you? Figure out if it really matters to you and if aligns with your other goals. Ask things like ‘why do I want to achieve this goal? What’s the objective and will this goal really achieve that? Some other questions you might want to consider are ‘Am I the right person this? Is it worthwhile? Do I have the right personality for this? Is it the right time? Is it relevant to my other goals? Does it match my needs?’
  5. Timely – Make a timeline and keep it realistic and flexible. Every goal should have a target date! This will help prevent less important things get in the way of your long term goal. Ask yourself what date you’d like to achieve it by then ask ‘what can I do today? What can I do in 6 weeks? What can I do in 6 months from now?’ and adjust accordingly to your timeline and goal.

That does it for now! I hope that this helps you achieve success in either your New Year’s resolution (if you’re the type who likes to set them) or any other goal setting you might have in the future. Remember, you CAN do it! If you’re SMART about it 😉

Enjoy the rest of your year and chat next year!