I’m assuming most of us want to be around for a while and live to be a ripe old age – I know I do! So this week I’m giving you a list of science based tips of living a long and healthy life…

  • Be curious – Science has found that curious people are 30% less likely to die than people who aren’t. I guess curiosity didn’t kill the cat! 😉
  • Socialise – Death rates are twice as high for the most socially isolated peeps compared to the ones with strong social ties. Having good friend is SO important! They can even help you live longer 🙂
  • Learn from the Okinawans – The Okinawans in Japan live longer than any other race on earth. Their secret? Daily exercise, soya products, vegetables, stopping eating before they’re full and a strong sense of community and belonging.
  • Stay fruity – Studies show that if you don’t eat fruit daily your risk of stomach cancer can triple! Raw is the best so make sure you’re getting loads of raw fruit and veg.
  • Embrace your onion breath – Ok, obvs there are things you can do so others don’t suffer from your daily dose of onion but consuming half an onion a day (or equivalent in juice), raises HDL (good) cholesterol by 30% in those with heart disease and cholesterol problems. So don’t be shy on the onions if you want to boost your health and extend your stay here!
  • Look on the bright side – Optimists live about 20% longer than pessimists, says science. So, is your glass half full or half empty?

I have a load more of these and as living a long, happy and healthy life is one of my main goals – and probably one of your main goals too – I’m going to share some more with you next week!

Until then, have a bright and fruity, curious and not too isolated week with your onion breath 😉