We all have magical points built into our bodies that can relieve pain, reduce stress and boost our energy. Pretty incredible that we can do all this just by a touch of a finger or a squeeze of a fist, so this week I thought we should learn how to use some of them so we can help ourselves – anytime, anywhere – in times of need, fatigue and pain.

6 Powerful Pressure Points that you should know

  1. Stress reducer – Press three finger widths down from the palm, between the tendons of the wrist, as you breathe out slowly and repeat several times to reduce any strain and stress.
  2. Energy booster – Press on your stomach point – located just below the knee on the outside of your shinbone – for 30 seconds to give yourself some extra energy when you’re flagging.
  3. Tension relief – This is great for reducing tension caused headaches and tied eyes… Use a thumb on either side to compress the occipital hollow, which is on either side of the spine, where the bottom of the skull meets the neck. Just be careful not to press on this one too hard.
  4. Pain relief – This point found in the back, in line with the kidneys is for general pain relief and is another good one for headaches too. The best way is to sit in a chair, form a fist with both hands, put them behind your back, in line with your elbows and lean back gently into your fists.
  5. Metabolism booster – Found on the top of the foot, roughly in line with the middle two toes and directly over the arch, use two fingers to apply the pressure, to boost your metabolism!
  6. Detox and calm – Your L14 pressure point is the one on the top of your hand, between your thumb and index finger. Squeeze these two fingers together and press the top of the bulge of the muscle for 30 seconds to induce calmness and for a digestive detox.

I hope these come in useful for you, they’re so simple and effective, why wouldn’t you want to try now that your know?!
If you need any extra help with these or want to know more, let me know!
Have a very happy and healthy week and a fun weekend 🙂