Last week we learnt a lot about the Pitta Dosha and the types of foods that cool and pacify a Pitta predominant constitution. This week we’ll look at some life style recommendations that Ayurveda suggests for Pitta types.



The aim here is to cool the fire element that may be aggravated, so the list below will help balance any imbalances a Pitta might have.

Pitta lifestyle recommendations

  • Stay cool – both physically and emotionally. Avoid going out in the heat of the day, especially on an empty stomach or after you have eaten tangy or spicy foods. Avoid exercising when it’s hot. Walk away from situations that make you see red.
  • Don’t skip meals and don’t wait to eat until you are hungry. Start your day with cooked fruit, followed by some cereal. Eat a sustaining meal at lunch and a lighter meal for dinner. For snacking, choose sweet juicy fruit–fully ripe mangoes, sweet pears and sweet juicy grapes are excellent Pitta pacifying choices. Delaying meals can cause excess acidity, so eat on time every day.
  • Protect yourself from the heat – Stay cool in warm weather by wearing loose cotton clothing. Wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses to protect your eyes when you go out. Drink lots of room temperature water.
  • Do water based activities like swimming, surfing or aqua-aerobics are great for Pitta-dominant people to stay fit but cool. Strolling after sunset, especially along a waterfront is also soothing.
  • Get to bed early, so that you can get adequate rest each night. A cup of warm milk/or nut milk, with some cardamom, can be helpful before bedtime.
  • Balance work and play – Set aside some time for R&R every day, and don’t get so absorbed in a project that you are unable to detach from it.
  • Meditate – Set aside about 30 minutes each day for meditation, to help balance the heart and emotions and to enhance body-mind-spirit coordination. If this is too long for you at the moment, start small and work your way up to at least 30 minutes.
  • Surround yourself with cooling colours like pearl white, blue, green, silver, and grey.

Refer back to the last post for Pitta pacifying dietary recommendations if you missed it.-Just in case you did, you can read it here at

Next week we’re going to look at a Pitta pacifying daily routine, so even if you’re not predominantly Pitta (don’t worry, your Dosha is coming), you can pass this onto a Pitta you know and love and still learn what’s best for our beloved Pitta types 🙂