After hearing all about my new fav household necessity – the oil diffuser, how essential oils have given my home a spa like vibe and helped my skin, I’ll continue on with my essential oil journey because I’m dying to tell you how I’ve made a 100% natural household cleaner!!

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And if you’re more a visual person and you would prefer to watch a video on this chemical free household cleaner then head to my IG and watch it via this link Make sure you’re following me and comment whether you’d like to try or not!

What I used for my DIY household cleaner:

– Glass bottle

– Vinegar

– Water

– Lemon oil

– Tea Tree oil

– Lavender oil

– Peppermint oil

– Thieves oil lend

Obviously you don’t have to put allll of these in, frankly one or two of these essential oils would be enough but I have a lot on hand now, so why not!?

So first you’ll need a GLASS bottle. Yep, don’t use plastic, not only because it sucks, never decomposes and is one of the largest epidemics that’s contributing to our environmental global crisis but also because the chemicals that make up the plastic can leach into what was once a natural cleaner, therefore turning it toxic. I used an apple cider vinegar bottle and recycled a spray top from an old veggie wash bottle – they fit perfectly.

Next fill the bottle up with purified water if you can – the more natural, the better! – And leave 2-3 fingers at the top for the vinegar.

Fill the rest of the bottle with vinegar. Usually white vinegar is the popular choice when it comes to cleaning but I only had apple cider vinegar so that’s what I used and it doesn’t really make a difference apart from the colour and a slightly different smell I think. All vinegars are disinfectants and will kill both salmonella and E.coli – bacteria you definitely don’t want laying around!

Now come the magical drops of all the oily goodness.

Lemon oil – Lemons are a natural disinfectant and stain remover because of their acidity. Not only that, it will leave a fresh, zesty scent!

Tea Tree oil – Nature’s disinfectant! With antiseptic and antiviral properties, it is great for cleaning and deodorising the household

Peppermint oil – Add this fresh scent to your cleaner to give it antifungal and antibacterial properties as well!

Lavender oil – Not only does it have a beautiful scent that will deodorise and mask the smell of vinegar (in your DIY cleaner) and any other funky smells around the home but it also contains a huge amount of antibacterial properties – even bacteria against the Steptococcus species!

Thieves oil blend – A beautiful blend of clove, cinnamon bark, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus which all have cleansing and purifying properties. All these put together, smells absolutely divine!

Make sure to give it a shake before you use this multi—purpose spray! I love this home-made, chemical free cleaner so much that it makes me want to wipe surfaces and clean things even when they don’ really need it! It seems delicious and I feel safe and happy about using it, knowing that everything is clean without the use of harsh, nasty chemicals.

And if you want to make your own and play around with a pack of essential oils, let me know and I can organise a discount for you! A pack of 11 of the finest essential oils also come with a free therapeutic grade diffuser remember! Stat your chemical free life today!