In the last post we learnt about the Kapha Dosha and how to balance it through nutrition, so if you didn’t read that one, make sure to go back so you’re all caught up!

This week I’m going to give you some lifestyle recommendations that will help pacify Kapha, so let’s get to it!



Remember, Kapha is made up of the elements earth and water and means to bind or to hold together – it governs structure and fluid in the body. When in balance, Kaphas are sturdy, stable, resistant to disease, loving, compassionate, patient, loyal and calm – It’s the happiest and most relaxed dosha! – Physically strong too.

On the contrary, when out of balance, Kaphas can easily become overweight, lethargic, lazy, complacent, obsessive and overly attached. They can sleep long hours without feeling refreshed, they become congested and have oily skin and hair. They will feel stiff and generally heavy – especially in the mornings

Does any of this sound like you? Do you need to balance out your Kapha??

If so, try some of these lifestyle recommendations below!

  • Go to bed early and rise early
  • Try warm, vigorous exercise like jogging, cycling and dynamic, flowing yoga – Yoga that flows with more movement, such as pulsing in and out of poses, is a great way to create warmth in the bod as well as circulation. Squats, knee bends and twists are also great!
  • Stay warm in cold, damp weather.
  • Avoid heavy meals and limit portion size – Don’t overeat!
  • Try introspective activities like writing, journaling, mediation, emotional housekeeping etc
  • Seek out variety and new experiences
  • Listen to lively, upbeat music
  • Surround yourself with cheerful people when socialising
  • Defuse or bathe in warm, spicy and stimulating essential oils like juniper, eucalyptus, orange peel, camphor, cardamom, cedar, cinnamon, ginger, clove and frankincense
  • Try an oil massage with light, stimulating oils like mustard, lemongrass, olive oil or even dry if it suits you!



Next time, we’re going to look at specific things a Kapha can add to their daily routine to stay balanced, happy and healthy.

Don’t forget to share this with someone you know might benefit from this!

Let’s stay healthy and happy together 🙂