Happy New Year!!

Wow, it’s 2019 already and we have the whole year in front of us. At this stage, so early on in the game, we’re motivated and determined to achieve all the goals we’ve set for the year ahead. But let’s be honest, how many times have you set a goal and then life gets in the way, we become distracted and usually lose the drive we had in January? Yes, it happens to all of us, in fact this is SO common and you’re definitely not alone! Think of it this way… you may not have necessarily failed at your goal, you may have just failed at your goal setting strategy.

So, piggybacking off last week’s newsletter on SMART goal setting, I want to give you a few more super useful tips on how you can achieve your goals- because we all set them! Some goals might not be as thought-out or intentional, but we all do it in some way or another and I want make sure you succeed every time from now on 🙂

ACCOUNTABILITY is a biggy, so first things first…

  • Put it out into the world – Tell all your friends and family about your goal, hire a coach and/or post it on social media for the world to see (if you feel comfortable). By putting it out there so publicly, there’s an added pressure and drive to succeed in front of all these people.
  • Have a goal buddy. With this person you can do ‘goal check-ins’. It could be written or in person, and perhaps once a week check in with them and make adjustments together if necessary. This Goal buddy could be a friend, family member or a coach like myself and is also another person that can hold you accountable.
  • Write it down – Writing goals down is very beneficial and another form of accountability. It’s another way of making it a priority and bringing it to the forefront of you mind, plus, research shows that when you write something down, it commits it to memory more. Don’t forget the S in SMART and be SPECIFIC!

A couple more points I think are also veerrry important when it comes to goal setting is to…

  • Be flexible – Knowing how to adjust your goal is part of the skill of goal setting and a part of the process. Once you have your goal set out you need to identify potential challenges you might face and come up with a game plan of how you’re going to address it ahead of time. Ask yourself questions like “what are some of the things that could get in the way of me accomplishing this?” so that when something does come up, it’s not going to completely derail you because you’ve already thought of ways of how you’re going to address it.


  • Celebrate your accomplishments! Sit with it and feel good about it before going straight onto your next goal. Celebrate every step of your journey to success!

I wish you all the success, love, health and happiness this year and if there are any goals you’d like to discuss with me just send me an email, I’m here for you!