We’re all different and one type of eating plan may not work so well for a specific body type. This is why we need to be aware of what type we are roughly, so we can get the best results in the future.

Here are the three main body types

  • Ectomorph – Naturally thin with skinny limbs. Thin muscles and limbs, with lower fat storage.
  • Mesomorph – Naturally muscular and athletic. Larger bones, solid torso, wide shoulders, trim waist and controlled body fat levels.
  • Endomorph- Naturally broad and thick. Increased fat storage, wider waist and larger bone structure.

But of course not all humans fit perfectly into one of these three categories and it is possible to be a hybrid type -either genetically or through lifestyle choices- So don’t get too bogged down if you’re finding it hard to figure out your exact type!
The point is to become aware of this, so that

    once all healthy eating and exercise habits are well in-place,

we can then start eating according to our body type to gain maximum results!

Here are some rough guidelines when trying to figure out how many fats, protein and cabs you should add to your meals.

  • Ectomorphs –who usually want to gain strength and tone up – should aim for

    20% fats, 25% protein and 55% carbs

  • Mesomorphs – who usually want to tone up while maintaining low body fat – should aim for

    30% fats, 30% protein and 40% carbs

  • Endomorphs – who usually want to lose body fat – should aim for
    40% fat, 35% protein and 25% carbs

If this is all too much you can look at it like this…

If you’re naturally slim, you should eat more health carbohydrates and less dietary fat each day.

OR if you’re naturally fuller, you should eat fewer carbs and more protein and fat each day.

Now remember we’re talking good fats here! Like avocados, olive oil, fish oil, algae oil, flax seeds and unsalted nuts – and we’ve already spoken about what sort of carbs should be added 😉

I will be helping you gain and maintain healthy eating and exercise habits, but if you think those are already installed in you then maybe this is something you can start considering now. It all depends on where you are in your journey.

Why don’t you hit reply and let me know how far along you are in your journey and if you want to consider eating for your body type or first focus on maintaining healthy eating and exercise habits, so that I can help you achieve your desired beach bod!

Keep an eye on your inbox because I will be listening to your responses and sending you more info to help you along your way J

If you want to learn more in-depth about body types, check out this article from Precision Nutrition- where I gained my Exercise Nutrition Certification from.


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