For the past couple of weeks I was in gorgeous France! With the sight as beautiful as it was, my sinuses didn’t agree so much. I was sneezing A LOT. So, this got me thinking about what I can do with allergies- apart from popping a pill.

Here are some natural tips if you suffer from allergies

  1. Shower before bed – Washing your hair and skin at night rather than in the morning can reduce allergy reactions by removing allergens in your hair and on your skin so take a shower or a nice, relaxing bath before bed.
  2. Hang your washing inside – Dry your clothes and bedding inside to avoid pollen and grass seeds coming into contact with your clothes and bed sheets and causing allergic reactions.
  3. Cool it down – A hot, humid house is a breeding ground for mould, dust mites and anything else that can eat away at almost everything. So, turn down the air to around 21°C and if it’s super humid (like here in Hong Kong) invest in a dehumidifier or an air-conditioning system to help clear allergens.
  4. Look for hidden dairy – I’m no advocate for dairy but, whether you choose to eat it or not, if milk doesn’t agree with you or makes you a little sick then be extra aware of products that has some of the hidden allergens it contains. Look on labels for casein, sodium caseinate, nougat and lactoglobulin.
  5. Dose up on some powerful immune boosters – We all know Vitamin C is famous for boosting your immune system so make sure get as much fresh fruit and veggies as you can daily and if you absolutely have to take a supplement (I’d rather have the full form fruit and veg though!) Garlic is also a great immune booster and could also help regulate the bod’s allergic reaction to pollen.
  6. Use natural cleaning products – Some of the worst allergy irritants like ammonia, formaldehyde and phenol are found in cleaning products. Try using natural, chemical free alternatives like vinegar, baking soda, soda crystals, lemon juice and water instead! I did a newsletter on this a while back with loads of easy recipes you can use all round, so click this link if you missed it!

That does it for now, I’ve got lots more for you next week, plus a 3000 year old yogic technique that can also help! – Because let’s face it, what can’t yoga help?

Have a great and hopefully an allergy free week!