With the New Year approaching, many of us are probably setting goals for 2020 – Great! But what are those goals and what if I told you you’re aiming too low and you’re capable of soooo much more?

Here’s the thing, most people don’t aim high enough when it comes to setting their goals for a couple of reasons…

1. They’re afraid of failure and they don’t want to disappoint themselves or be judged by others – Fear of failure.


2. They’re afraid of the unknown and don’t know what would happen if they achieved a massive goal – Fear of success.

So, let me ask you this – What are your goals for next year?

Here are some examples…

Maybe it’s to make $100,000 (let’s use the world currency – USD – to make it easier) by the end of 2020.

OR perhaps it’s to run a 10km (that’s about 6 miles, seeing as though we’re converting to US)

When you think of these examples, what do you think? Maybe it’s something like “Yeah, $100,000 is great, I’ve never made that before but it’s totally doable if I work hard.” And “I’d love to be able to run 10kms. I can train a few times a week and I know I could definitely do it by the end of the year, no worries!”

Ok, cool, amazing goals!

But the next question I would have for you is;

Why not make it $1,000,000 next year?

OR Why not complete a couple of marathons next year?!

How do you feel now when you think of these last two?? Do you get that feeling of “Hmm, yeah…I’m not sure about that, that’s not possible, that’s too big.” What happens to your physical body when you think about making $1 million dollars in a year or running 42km twice next year? Does your stomach tighten up a bit? It’s the feeling of fear and self-doubt kicking in and this type of feeling is what’s stopping you from creating the life you want.

Now these are just a couple of examples out of millions of goals you might have for yourself, but I want you to take another moment and really ask yourself ‘What is my main goal for next year?’


Got it? Ok, great.

Now whatever your goal is, I want you to multiply it by 10. Yep, that’s right, times it by 10. What feeling did you get? Your stomach might tighten a bit and you might think I’m crazy to say 10x your goals but guess what? Loads of people achieve things that seem impossible. The only thing that will stop you from doing it is YOU. Your own beliefs of what’s possible and what’s not possible are the only things that are holding you back. Read that again.

Don’t be afraid to start and dream big. Don’t let society and your own brain talk you down. Don’t be afraid of change and some hard work. Don’t fear thinking big – Fear small, fear being mediocre, fear wasting your life away and not chasing your dreams!

Do the personal growth and work to crush those limiting beliefs that have stopped you from reaching for the stars. Start to change your mindset to one that will allow you do what you’ve never done before. The most successful people on earth are constantly working on personal development, learning, growing and fear thinking too small and living a mediocre life.

The next thing I want you to do after you read this is take out a pen and paper and write what your goal is for next year and 10x it, and ask yourself ‘what would it take to get there?’

If you need some help crushing your limiting beliefs and planning out your goals, so that you can live a life you’ve always dreamed of then reach out to me because I’m opening up a few spaces for some 1 on 1 coaching sessions with me, to help people do just that.

And if you know someone that’s playing it too small and should hear this message too, don’t forget to share it with them and send them my way so that we can all smash 2020 together!

Go you goal digger!