Our cognitive function directly affects our food choices. When it isn’t at its peak we make snap decisions
This is why I’ve made a list of suggestions to help you build your mental strength this week.

  1. Create a vision board – A vision board is a place where you put images of the life you want. If you want a more active life, post pics of the activities you want to do or your dream bod. Pick up a fitness mag and cut out pics of how you want your body to look. Pin the pics to your vision board and the seed is planted. Put images where you can see them often, so they remind your brain of those goals. Post pictures on the fridge or you could even go digital and create one on something like Pinterest if that suits you more.
  2. Meditate – This is a big one for me. Even taking just a little time out each day to sit and focus on nothing but the breath will strengthen your mind to become more focused, and disciplined to make healthier choices. I highly recommend the app ‘Headspace’. You can trial it for free and actually get a lot out of just the free trail, though I use it every day, even if some days are just 10 minutes! You can also find a load of guided meditations on YouTube if you’d rather but Headspace is more convenient and keeps track of your progress which I love.
  3. Practice forming new behaviour patterns – The brain is wired for routine and creates neural pathways as you develop patterns for behaviour. Connections to everyday things like drinking water and brushing your teeth so it’s easier to repeat. Being conscious of your patterns and working to form new, healthier habits and repeating them over and over will help your brain form new connections so that you can make healthier choices with less effort. Choosing the right healthy snack when you’re hungry should be easy if you make it a habit!
  4. Exercise your brain – These simple, daily exercises can massive effects on the mind! Here are some examples: Write down the items that you need then leave the list at home. Try adding up the prices at the shops before you get to the check-out or even memorising numberplates. Most people can memorise between five and seven things. The more you do it, the more you will be able to remember. The process of holding those numbers in your head builds your brain’s cognitive ability, and therefore your ability to make smarter, healthier choices.
  5. Invest in a good therapist, counsellor or NLP Practitioner – “But what’s NLP?” you might wonder. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an alternative type of Psychology. It is a modality and a set of change techniques and tools based on how your mind and your thoughts create your behaviour and reality. Your beliefs and values and attitudes are crucial in creating the world you see, hear and feel. Each of us has our own unique map of the world. What we perceive in the world is a reflection of everything that has happened in our life. NLP can help you to change your beliefs and values so that you can make fast and lasting change to any aspect of your life. I’m a master NLP Practitioner and Master Weight Loss Coach, so if this is something you might be interested in exploring with, me just hit reply or visit my site www.elev8lifeholistic.com to book your free Discovery Session with me 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions or want to chat about anything above in more detail.