Today I want to talk about belly fat…

Have you ever adopted a regular exercise regime and healthy eating habits, lost weight but couldn’t quite get rid of that remaining belly fat? It’s very common, don’t worry!
If you’re trying to get a flat stomach, the first thing you should know is that abdominal fat is the most difficult to get rid of.

This is why today I’ve made a little list of food and drinks to avoid and in the next email will be some foods to add to your diet to help you get that rockin’ flat stomach back!
Here’s your AVOID list
(I won’t even bother putting fried foods and ice-cream on the list as these ones are obvious!)

  1. Alcohol – a lot of alcoholic drinks are rich in calories but it’s the increase in appetite we get when having a drink. It actually confuses the part of the brain that is responsible for fullness, so we’re most likely always going to accompany a drink with some food, no matter how full we are.
  2. Carbonated drinks/soda and soft drinks – Don’t even me started on the amount of sugar in these! Though even when you think you’re doing the right thing by reaching for the diet soda or tonic, it’s the carbonation that draws gas into your intestines and stomach, that slow down your metabolism and stimulate the body to gain fat.
  3. Processed and canned foods – This includes processed meats like bacon and cold cut meats, canned soups and veggies, popcorn, the list goes on! These foods are high in sodium and processed fats which will result in weight gain.
  4. Fruit Juice – nearly all are packed with loads of sugar and water, so unless it says ‘100% fruit juice’ don’t touch the stuff if you want that flat belly!
  5. Chewing gum – I know it’s not a food but it’s worth putting on the list. Chewing gum sends signals to the stomach and brain that prepares the body for a meal. The result is the over production of stomach acid which may increase weight gain. Also, the sugar substitute found in gum has been linked to weight gain as well. So spit out the gum and use a drop of peppermint oil and a mouthful of water to freshen your breath!

Let’s also clarify that when I say ‘avoid’ I don’t mean ‘cut it out forever’ (although that would be ideal for our health). You’re human, and you’re going to want to treat yourself with some delicious unhealthy stuff every now and then. Just keep in mind that the things above shouldn’t be a part of your regular diet.

Keep an eye on your inbox because next I’ll be sending a list of foods to add to your diet, to help you get that flat stomach!:D