If you’ve been to Bali before then you can probably agree with me when I say that it’s a slice of heaven on earth. And for good reason…
I sit here writing this, overlooking rice paddy fields, palm trees and my pool with a reclined Buddha at my Yoga retreat in Ubud – not a bad office view today!



Apart from Bali being an incredibly beautiful tropical paradise with some of the most lovely locals, stunning views, nature and surf beaches in the world, it’s also one of the best places you could come to recharge and cleanse your soul. Now, I’m not just saying it, there’s actually good reason for this. Let me explain…

Just like the 7 main Chakras (energy centres) we have running throughout our bodies, Mother Earth also has her own set of Chakras and energy flowing throughout her. Chakra points are usually located where volcanoes or Earth active areas are, due to rich crystal deposits and electromagnetic volcanic material. We all experience Earth’s Chakra energy differently and some people are more sensitive than others.
Take a look at the diagram below. You can see that Earth’s electrical current runs through certain centres around the planet in what looks like a DNA strand. These energy flow vessels are known as Ley Lines (aka. alignment of land forms that are places of ancient religious and spiritual significance) and they are carry high-vibrational energetic information around the earth. Your electromagnetic field aligns with the frequency of the Chakra point you are in and can help you heal any imbalances you have within your spiritual centres!



Between the Chakras there are also energy vortexes where energy spirals and flows up and out. They are intense points that can amplify any emotion you experience and can link you to the stage of energy that aligns best with your present state of being. They connect with Mother Earth’s Chakra points, working together as Earth’s energetic grid.

Looking at the picture above, you can see that the two energetic Ley Lines connect in Lake Titicaca, Peru (another place which has been calling me for a while now) – the Sacral Chakra of the Earth. This centre purifies the blood of Mother Earth, and can reflect the cleansing and rejuvenation of our soul.
And guess where one of the other energy vortexes meet? Yep, that’s right, the beautiful island of Bali. This energy vortex is also the location of the Earth’s Kundalini energy, formed in its two large ley lines which cross and have great power and energy. On this stunning island, the energy of the planet gets cleansed – this is the World Purification Centre (!) and the Earth’s ley lines pass through 6 sacred sites in Bali where the energy of each element gets purified.

These sites are:

  1. Uluwatu: Earth Element
  2. Batur: Fire Element
  3. Batakau: Water Element
  4. Agung: Air Element
  5. Tirta Empul: Ether Element
  6. Pulaki: Portal

No wonder so many Yogis, spiritual junkies and people interested in healing, mediation and consciousness are called to this magical place – similar energies and frequencies attract!

This is a pretty in-depth topic (and maybe even a new and far-out idea to you) and I’d like to keep it relatively short today so I will cover the topic of the Earth’s and our body’s Chakras and energy centres in later blog posts.
So for now, if you feel like you need a break and your soul would like some cleansing then perhaps look into Bali for your next getaway. It’s so important to schedule some time for yourself, refresh and experience different places and cultures. Taking a break to escape our regular daily life every now and then can do you and your mind, body and spirit a world of good – even if you don’t land on one of Earth’s energy vortexes!

If you’d like some tips on where to go in Bali then reach out to me, I’d be more than happy to share some of my personal fav spots for sight-seeing, eating, staying, surfing and yoga.

Now back to my Bali bliss and hopefully see you here one day!