After some time away, I’m back on the grid! And what a different world it is to when I left you last time!!

Yep, in early Feb, I escaped Hong Kong and the corona virus that had kicked off on this side of Asia and I went to Bali to do my advanced 300hr Yoga Teacher Training (500hrs certified now, yay!). I lived in a tropical paradise bubble, away from civilization and the chaos of the rest of the world, where I learnt a whole heap more and sat in A LOT of silence. This was quite a profound experience and I’m excited to share and help people in a way I didn’t even think was possible before. Yoga is truly life changing and the world needs it more than ever now.

Now, as of last week, it’s back to Hong Kong and back to reality! Although I missed the legal quarantine by a couple of days, I’m in week two of self-isolation, just to play it safe. We need to stay vigilant and take so much extra care during this crazy time. The world has been forced to stop, slow down and take some time to just be at home- which isn’t such a bad thing I think!

Yes, the situation outside is bad- people are sick and many are dying, work and income has stopped for many of us, economies are collapsing, the future is uncertain – it’s a scary time for humanity. But, I have faith in believing that every dark cloud has its silver lining. Mother Earth is thriving, her skies are clear again, and even though we physically have to keep our distance, I feel that humanity has never been so connected – We are realizing that we are ONE, we are one world and one race – we are the human race and we are not separate from each other. This virus has demonstrated very clearly that it does not discriminate and if we are to beat it, we, AS ONE, need to work together to protect each other. I think this is a beautiful realization for humanity, though I also think it’s a shame it’s taken something this devastating for the world to wake up.

So what can we do with all this extra time that’s been given to us?

Well first of all, let’s try not to get bogged down in this whole no work/no pay thing, if that applies to you. I’ve been dealing with this for almost 4 months now and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t had some minor freak out moments. Where I’ve found peace however, is when I go inwards. I’m working really hard on my mental game, making sure I find peace every single day by going inwards and meditating. This brings me back to the present moment (which is the only time there really is). If I live in the future – which is very uncertain at the moment – then chances are I’ll be worried about all sorts of things. The only time is NOW, so don’t waste your time and precious energy worrying. Perhaps easier said than done, I know, but if you don’t have a regular mediation practice I suggest you start on one, what better time than now!!

Maybe now is also the time to create that future you always dreamed of, but never had the ‘time’ to do it. Get started on whatever it is! Whether it be that online business you’ve wanted to start, learning a language or playing that instrument, get creative! Paint, draw, start writing that book you always said you’d write one day. Maybe you want to lose some weight, learn how to dance or start doing yoga- guess what, EVERYONE (including myself) Is putting up FREE online videos for the world to see! You have access to more information and online lessons and classes now, than in any time in history! Get on it! Start now!! Create your future while the world has been put on hold so that when we recover and everything goes back to ‘normal’ YOU are different and better than you are today.

Use this precious time to enjoy the simple things in life, connect with your loved ones, create that brighter future and a better you. Start working on the things that will help you stay healthy and happy and if your home is a place you’re so afraid of, then now is the time to turn it into a place you love.

Last of all, eat well my friends. Don’t compromise your immune system, be conscious of how you’re fuelling your body – I’ve written tons of blogs on nutrition and boosting your immune system so please go back to my previous posts and have a read if you need a refresh.

Also if you would like to have a little stretch with me and just chiiiilll, I’ve put up an easy, quick and balanced Yoga session to help us all slow down and RELAX. Here is the link You can also see my YouTube videos on my website and on the icon below. Please share with anyone who might find it useful and let me know if you have any requests! Lots more coming your way 🙂

Spread the love peeps! Protect others and stay happy and healthy!