Australian or not, you’ve probably seen and heard about the bushfires that have devastated the nation.

Since the start of this fire season in 2019 – according to Wiki – the wildfires have burnt over 186 million hectares of land, destroyed almost 6,000 buildings (over 2,200 of those are people’s homes) and kill at least 29 people. If that isn’t tragic enough, an estimated 1 billion (yep, a billion) animals have died and some endangered species may be driven to extinction. And although rain has been forecasted for this week, sadly it’s unlikely to end this crisis any time soon.

Friends, pray for Australia.

While I’m here visiting family and friends, I’m offering online lessons in Yoga, Meditation, Fitness, Nutrition, Health and Life Coaching that can all be done in the comfort of your own home. 100% of the proceeds of any online singular lessons or packages bought within the next 3 weeks will be donated to help the people and wildlife affected by these tragic fires. So, you can contribute to this cause while doing something great for your health and wellbeing, for free! It’s a win/win (I will also send you the donation receipts). To find out more, just contact me via any of the following:

Australia needs your help and if you want to donate directly, without the added benefits I can offer, then here are some suggestions:

There are lots more out there doing great things that need your help! Every dollar counts.

And please, please help me get the word out share this with your friends and family, in your WhatsApp groups or on your social media.

Thank you citizens of Earth.